Sunday, 26 August 2012

Promarker Colour Chart

Hi all,

Not a card from me today, but something I hope some of you will find helpful. My ladies in my card classes have been bugging/nagging lol!!! me to do them a list of Promarker colours I that use when colouring my images. So I have spent the last few weeks writing down a few colour combinations that I tend to use a lot and having a play at creating new ones with some of my pens that don't get used too often.

What I have done is created a little chart, where I have listed the colours used (from dark to light) and then added a space above so that I can do a little blend of the colours. I can then see at a glance which combination of colours I want to use, I have also tried to keep each colour group together too.

I thought it would be helpful to pop the uncoloured chart on here, so that if you wanted you can print off a copy on whatever card you personally use and do your own little 'at a glance chart'.

Now I don't have loads and loads of colours, so you will see some colours repeated a few times but I have used them in combination with different colours to give a different overall look to the blended finish.

I would also just like to point out that these colours are just ones that I like to use and that I have found work together for me (and has been done with what pens I have in my collection), some you may like and some you may not agree on. Also if you have any colour combos that work for you that I haven't got I would love you to let me know so that I can try them out.

Anyway here is the chart, it takes 3 sheets of A4 paper to print, and there are a few spaces for new tryouts lol!! They are JPeg files so you should be able to just save and print them.

I would love to know what you think and if its been helpful to you, also as I said if you have any different colour combinations to the ones I have listed I would love to add them to my list.

Thanks for popping by my blog today

Lyndsey xx

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