Wednesday 8 October 2014

To read or not to read?

Hi all

Well its been a while since I last posted on here, tbh things have not been too good here with Abbie's health and life and all that boring stuff has gotten in the way of my crafting. In all fairness I haven't made a card in while though as I seem to be in a bit of a CBA mood lol.

But today I do want to show you a couple of picture of my latest obsession - The Art of Book Folding. I came across these beautiful patterns folded into books at my local Craft Centre and straight away fell in love with them and decided I wanted to have a go myself.

Well a couple of trips to the charity shop later and after searching online I managed to find a few groups on FB to join where I have found a wealth of help & advice from much more talented people than me, who not only fold their books but even make their own patterns as well. Some of these peeps are also very generous and give you some of their patterns for free to try out before buying off them. Its something I am finding very therapeutic and love seeing the outcome.

Anyway here are a couple of pic of my latest creations - First of all meet Mrs Prickle, my adorable little hedgehog friend.

Here's a heart I made for my friend who just had an operation and was feeling a little down.

Home - made just for me to sit on my shelf lol

And finally a Butterfly I made for my mom as she loves them lol

I have also set up a FB page now as well to show off my creations (cards, gifts and bookart) and hopefully sell some. I would love it if those of you who are on FB popped over and gave me like would be much appreciated thank you, you can find my page by clicking on the following link - Handmadebylyndsey

Thanks so much for popping by my blog today, will be back soon as have a few Crafters Companion samples I haven't shown you yet that I need to blog.

Lyndsey xx


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