Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Two Awards & a Tag!!

No cards from me tonight, havent had anytime at all today. Have been at work starting to get all the deals in place for sat. The boss came over with loads of new stuff, the shop looked like a bomb had hit it. Anyway managed to get most of it sorted by 5pm, but more stuff coming over on Fri (which is when I am next in) so will have to find places for all that. I have to say though whenever we have a demo day the boss puts some great deals on. I am getting so nervous now and keep rechecking everything, I already have my bag of stuff made up and keep checking it to see if I have everything in there (I am such a born worrier) So all I have to share with you are these 2 fab awards that I got from the lovely Shelly and a Tag from Joey & Lynsey.

Tag, the rules of this tag are to go into your picture files, pic the 6th file and then pic the 6th picture & explain it. I dont have 6 files worth of pics on my lappie, as when my computer broke I lost them all. I now save them all onto a disk, I do however have 1 file on my lappie as I havent got round to copying it to disk yet so I have pulled the 6th pic from there.

This picture is Abbie doing her Physio on her dad. As this is something she has had from when she was born it is a normal thing to Abbie and quite often she will do physio on her dolls or on one of us. In this pic daddy (rich) was trying to have a relax watching the footie and Abbie thought he was a prime candidate for physio. The blanket that Rich has got over him is Abbie's Physio Blanket it is one we have used right from the start and she associates this blanket with her physio, if we dare to try and use another one she goes mad. So there you have it a little insite into my life.

Also I will be having some blog candy up for grabs soon, just in the process of sorting it out. I have some fab news to share with you and am having some candy to celebrate. Keep your eyes peeled

Lyndsey xx

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