Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Chicken Pox update

I am currently in the middle of a crafty session, so will hopefully upload some cards later on. However thought I would give you an update on Abbie. She has come out in loads more spots today, behind her ears, on her back, arms & legs everywhere really. So I think its safe to say that it is the dreaded chicken pox. Caomile lotion at the ready. I called her CF consultant to see if I needed to do anything with her other than the lotion & plenty of fluids that the doctor said and guess what, yes she now need to go on another 2 anitibiotics. One (flucloxacillin) 2 times a day and the other (Aciclovir) 4 times a day. You really wouldn't believe how much her having CF changes what would otherwise be a general childhood illness. So will be down the chemist tomorrow getting all these new meds. She seems ok though and is still quite happy in herself, so hope it stays that way, and that she sails through it. I tell you it just seems to be one thing after another with her at the moment, we seem to get her over one thing and then something else comes up. I think she just likes being the centre of attention lol!!!!!!. Anyway just wanted to say thanks to all who have left kind messages for her really appreciated.

Lyndsey xx
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