Friday, 10 April 2009

A very excited woman in the isles of Asda!!!

Do you remember me telling you ages ago that I had been asked to make a card for a magazine. Well it comes out on sale on 14th April, but whilst in Asda today I noticed it on the shelf. Well I had the plastic bag off it in about 2 seconds flat I was so excited, I think they thought I had gone mad. Oli and Abbie were there with me and they were jumping up and down and making a bit of noise, Abbie mostly cause she could see her cousin katie's piccy. She then took that mag off me and went running down the isle shouting DAD!!! DAD!!! look at Katie.

The card I made was nothing majorly special, basically I had to make a card that would be suitable for a child to make with adult help and then get a child to make it following my instructions. This is where I roped my niece into it, I then had to take pics of Katie whilst she was making the card and then send the card and pics off to the mag.

Here is a pic of the page in the mag Cardmaking and Papercraft. It is just such a thrill to see something of mine in print and my name there on the page, and then when I looked in the front of the mag my name was listed under the designers !!!!

I am now hoping and praying that this will not be the one and only card I get asked to make. Hope you like.

Lyndsey xx
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