Thursday, 23 April 2009

OMG I am super excited !!!!

I just have to tell you my news I have had 2 super exciting things happen to me the last 2 days.

Firstly one of my customers from the shop who also follows my blog, is part of a group of ladies who meet up and craft. She came into the shop to see me yesterday and asked if I could do a demo for them. Well I was so pleased I of course said yes and just have to sort details out now. I know I have done a couple for the shop, but I am still in a place (in my head) where I cant really believe that my stuff is good enough especially compared to some that I see whilst blogging on here.

Secondly as you know I did a card for a magazine which came out the other day, well I have received an email from them today and they have offered me another 2 commissions I am so excited I have the most hugest grin on my face. The one is quite a simple little thing, the other is going to be a bit of a challenge but I am gonna love doing it. I really appreciated your comments on the card that came out and a few of you ( and some of my ladies from the shop) even joked about emailing the mag and telling them you want to see more of my cards, you didnt actually do it did you lol!!!!!!!

So there you are, thats my news. No card from me tonight I am too excited to make one, would prob cut my finger off with me knife or something lol!!!

Lyndsey xx
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