Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Back home

Hi all,

Just thought I would let you know that all has gone well with my operation and I am now back home recouperating at my moms. The op was more complicated that originally thought and my bowels & bladder were both fused to my womb, with my womb then being fused to my abdominal wall. The level of endrometerosis I had was level 4 which is apparently the worst you can get and was everywhere. The surgeon said I was the worse case he had ever done. I nearly needed a blood transfusion, as I lost a lot of blood but they managed to stablize me and then had some internal bleeding for a few days afterwards. To top it off I then had a little fall which pulled my wound and had made it very sore and painful and led to a bit of extra bleeding. I am stopping with my mom for a week or so as my hubby cant get anytime off work and obviously am in no fit state to do anything. So i am being well looked after and pampered. I am still feeling very tired and struggling to do anything much other than just lying on the sofa or in bed and taking lots of painkillers. I hope to be able to keep popping on the laptop for an hour or so each day, so will be back soon.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are all well.

Also as you know I have had my email account hacked whilst I have been in hospital and now have no access to it. I know there has been an email sent from my account asking for money so please ignore anything suspicious you may get from me. I think I may have to set up a new account so please bear with.

Lyndsey xx
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