Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Happy Anniversary

Hi all,

Do you like my new blog?, well you know how you start something then wished you hadn,t. Four hours I have been trying to sort the bloomin thing out, first I lost things, then they were in the wrong place I nearly gave up I tell you but it looked such a mess I had to keep going. Anways it will be left well alone from now lol!!!

So today my Dad and Stepmum celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary - I tell you I dont know how she has put up with him for that long lol!!! I made them this card using some fabby Fizzy Moon products. I also followed the Challenge sketch over the Trimcraft Website.

I am quite enjoying using my other bits up at the moment instead of stamping. Before I became hooked on stamping I always used decoupage or toppers, now when I use them I feel like I am cheating a little as I havent stamped & coloured the image. Also most of the cards that appear on people blogs do have the fabulous stamped and coloured images on them, and I feel that my card is not worthy of being blogged (please tell me I am not the only one who has these skind of thoughts) The trouble is I still cant resist buying them if they appeal to me and they end up sitting in my draw forever, cause I feel I cant use them. So I have decided that I do need to use them and hopefully you wont mind if I sneek them in on my blog every so often.

Thanks for popping by today

Lyndsey xx
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