Saturday, 1 November 2008

New Stash

Last post tonight I promise. I just had to show off my new stash that I got when I found a new craft shop near me. (well its not that near its by cannock but its not that far either) The shop is called Forever Cards & Crafts, I found them advertising in a craft mag, checked out their website and discovered that they sold Penny Blacks, well that was it the only place that does them by me is Hobbycraft and they normally have such a poor range of them I can never find anything. Well persuaded hubby to take me over and that was it. I couldnt go in and not spend anything so I spent everything in my purse (which was only £30 but that was supposed to last me till next week so am skint now but it was so worth it). Anyway heres the piccy of my new stash.

My goodies consisted of 3 x PB stickeroos, 1 PB Ginger stamp, 1 Little Claire Elephant stamp & 1 jar of Prima Flowers.
Hubby also then took me to Ikea and brought me a new Sideboard to put all my crafting stuff in. He was fed up of it cluttering up the living room. Bet he wished he had kept his mouth shut now as he came out of Ikea £230 lighter. (well I had to have the one that matched my furniture didnt I no point having something thats gonna look out of place). So I am well and truely not allowed to have anything else now before christmas.

Lyndsey xx
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