Sunday, 23 November 2008


Hi everyone, I just thought I would tell you about our fab news that we had this weekend. Now its nothing at all to do with crafting, but my little girl. As you know from my profile Abbie has Cystic Fibrosis and life with her is a daily routine of meds and pyhsio etc (I wont go into details). Anyhow a few months ago after a routine check up in hospital one of her cough swabs came back postive for a bug call Peusdomonas which can be very damaging to the lungs. This is a bug that people with CF are are at a high risk of catching, now normally it is expected that a child with CF will have cultured this bug by the age of 9-10 now Abbie is only 2 so it was a massive blow to us. She was started on a very aggresive form of antibiotics and was put on a nebulizer for 3 months. She needed to have 3 clear cough swabs taken monthly to come back clear, which would mean that for the time being the bug had been erradicated (it can keep coming back and if it does she will be on this nebulizer permanently). Anyway we have had a tough time with her getting used to this nebulizer and the drugs in it have reacted badly with her face, some days she looks like she has got acne. Well over this weekend we had the call from her nurse to say the last cough swab has come back clear, to say we are over the moon is an understatement (I have tears of happiness in my eyes just writing this). So this now means that for the time being she has managed to get rid of this nasty bug and can come off the nebulizer wey hey!!!!!!!!!!. You would not believe how much that phone call meant to us as a family. We have also had an application form to fill in from Dream Holidays (they specialise in giving families if children with CF a holiday to give them a break) so fingers crossed we should have a nice holiday to go on next year. Just hoping now that our next trip to Birmingham Childrens will go smoothly as well, they were a bit worried about her weight last time, so hopefull she has put some on this time or that could mean more meds.
Anyway thanks for listening to my ramblings, just has to tell you all.

Lyndsey xx
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