Thursday, 6 November 2008

I Love your blog award

I Have very kindly been given this award from the fabulous Mrs Wonka. Its is such an honour to receive these awards as it really makes me happy knowing that people like my cards enough to pass these awards onto me.

I have to pass this award onto 7 people. I have tried to be fair so I have given this award to people who I didnt give the last one to, and to those who I cant see this award on their blog. I would like to say however that I wish I could give this to every person who's blogs I peep at cause they are all so fab. But I think that the people who I pass this onto will prob pass it over to them anayway as we seem to follow the same peeps.
So I give this award to Amanda, Tab, Michele, Lesley, Janet, Tara & Lynsey

Lyndsey xx
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