Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Did you hear the screaming!!!!

If you were in the Wednesfield area about 9.15am this morning you may well have heard the screaming coming from that little craft shop is Ashmore Park. The reason I hear you ask was because I managed to get tickets to see the one and only TAKE THAT at Coventry next year. I am so excited I loved them when they first came out in my teenage years and I still love them now. As I was at work I had my mum sitting at her computer at 8.45 getting everything set up to get the tickets and she managed it (well done mum). So I am now the very proud owner of 1 ticket to see Take That (well I will be when it comes). My stepmom and friend Emma are coming with me and we are gonna have a great time. I think my friend is still screaming now she was so excited, she sent me a text telling me she had texted everyone she knew to tell them. So that is now good thing No. 4 to happen don't know what I have done but I must have done something right, think maybe him upstairs in the clouds is making up to me for all the crap we have had lately.

Lyndsey xx
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