Saturday, 1 November 2008

BOO !!!!!!

Thought I would show you a little piccy of my little monsters dressed up ready for a Halloween Party last night.

I have always took them trick or treating, and this year was fab cause Abbie really got into the swing of it, as last year she was too young to understand. Oli was wearing a skeleton pirate outfit and I had put some makeup on his face to make it look pale, and then smugged loads of eyeliner around his eyes. Abbie was dressed up in her little witches outfit which she looked sooo cute in. However she had been in a cat one all day after trying in on in the morning she refused to take it off, so we went shopping and everywhere with my little Abbiecat. The other little boy in the picture is my youngest brother Charlie (yes 21 year age gap between us). He wanted to go as a goth, so again I put makeup on him to made his face pale and put loads of eyeliner around his eyes. We went trick or treating for about an hour, and then went to a fab Halloween Party which was like organised chaos with kids running and screaming everywhere, but they were enjoying themselves and we all had a great time. Best thing about it was that the venue was in walking distance from my house, so I was able to have a few drinks myself instead of being the driver like normal. I also got into the spirit of things by wearing my little cat ears left over from a previous hen night, and then hubby took the tail off Abbies cat cosutme and pinned it onto me. A great time was had by all.

Lyndsey xx
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