Saturday, 15 November 2008

I need cheering up !!!!

Ok I am feb up for 2 reasons. The first is that I havent been able to go to the NEC this weekend at all as I was working on Thursday, yesterday I was at dentist and today & tomorrow hubby is at work so have 2 monkeys to look after and there is no way I could have taken them on my own. The second reason is I am in pain, yesterday I went to the dreaded dentist and was supposed to be having a filling, but whilst waiting for the appoinment date part of my tooth actually broke off, so when I went in yesterday I was expecting him to pull it out, luckily he didnt have to do that but has sort of built my tooth back up. I was fine till he got that great big needle out then it went pants from there, I am absolutely petrified of needles. He said I could have the work done without but it would be uncomfortable, so I elected to have the needle to numb my gums. So eyes closed and holding very tightly onto the chair I let him give me the needle and needless to say I didnt feel anything whilst he was doing the work, he drilled away some of the tooth then screwed this thing into my gums so he could bulid round it to build the tooth back up then filled it all in and set it with this lazer thingymajig. When I came out I was so happy I hadn't had to have the tooth out, (as to cut a long story short my mom had hers pulled out two weeks ago and she is still in pain and cant eat properly). Anyway said to hubby I was fine and off we trotted to Asda to get the shopping done. Well thats when it all went downhill, halfway round Asda the anasetic started to wear off and the pain started, by the time I got to the till I was so badly holding back the tears of pain I couldn't even speak to the checkout assistant. Managed to make it back to the car and yes you guess it I cried all the way home. Got in and hubby tucked me up on the sofa with a nice hot water bottle to lie on, and there I stayed for the rest of the day drifting in and out of sleep. I couldnt believe I felt so bad just through having a tooth done. Anyway managed to get up about 8pm last night (needed the loo) and my legs went they just wouldnt hold the weight of my body, So hubby sorted me out and sent me to bed and there I stayed till this morning. Well he has had to go to work today, so here I am looking after the two kids, still in a bit of pain and not being able to eat anything hard, and feeling sorry for myself, so no cards to show today. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and give my mojo a kick up the bum, I have so many blog challenges that I want get done.
Lyndsey xx
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