Friday, 7 October 2011

Quick and simple christmas card

Hi all,

Just have a quick post for you today, as things a a bit hetic here due to shutting up shop this weekend. Have been taking down shevling, racking etc and bagging items up that havent sold yet. Car Boots here I come oh the joys!!!!.

This card is one of the few xmas cards I made a while back, very quick and easy to make as the the papers and topper were all free in a mag. This card is for Oli of Abbie, hence the reason for the cute charaters.

I made the card following this sketch challenge that I gave my ladies in class a while ago. Although I did flip it around.

Its a bit of a sad day today as I am supposed to be taking my car back to the garage I brought if off today, as due to the shop closing and not knowing when I will get a proper job I can no longer afford to keep it. I am extremely gutted as its my pride and joy and worked so hard to get it, but they are offering me a deal I cant turn down and settling my finance for me so hey ho!!!

So I wont be posting much next week as Im off on my hols, having a few days away from the stress of everything (before I have a breakdown!!!) but I have scheduled my posts for the WRS blog hop on Mon & MMCS challenge on Wed so please do pop back for those. Hubby will not allow me to take my lappie with me so am gonna be cut off from everything - dont think he realises I can get on here trhough my phone lol!!!

Anyway thanks for popping by my blog today, be back soon.

Lyndsey xx
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