Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Hi all,

This post should have been scheduled for yesterday, but for some reason/fault  (probably mine) didint. I thought I would show you the pumkin I made for the kids I was feeling a bit more adventerous with the pumkin this year and instead of doing the usual face I came up with this.

Now its not perfect and next time I would definately do somethings a bit different, but I am quite pleased with the results.
I took a sassy Cheryl digi image - witch on a broom - made it quite large and traced around it on the pumkin. I then drew a moon around it making sure some of the witch overlapped so I would have anchor points, then cut it out with a mixture of my craft knife and a normal kitchen knife.
Some of my cutting in not quite straight as it was quite a thick pumkin to cut through and my knife went off on a swiff in a couple of places, and if you look closely I did cut through the brim of the hat on the right, but generally you can see the jist of the shape.

Thanks for popping by my blog today

Lyndsey xx
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