Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Hospital News

Hi all, sorry I have not been around for a while things have been really hetic for me just lately with the shop and the demo. I just wanted to pop a quick post on here just to let you know how hosptial went.

They were really pleased with Abbie and she had put on weight and grown well, although she is still below average. She didnt like having the bloods or x-rays done and there were tears from both of us. We came home though pretty pleased and with new physio things to try.

However we have had some bad news today, her consultant has called to say they found something in the cough swab that was taken. She has grown a bug called Pseudomonas

Here is a bit of info about it.

The most common bacterium to infect the CF lung is Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a gram-negative microorganism with a propensity to live in warm, wet environments. The lungs of most children with CF become colonized (inhabited long-term) by P. aeruginosa before their 10th birthday. The body's response to P. aeruginosa includes inflammation, which causes repeated exacerbations or episodes of intense breathing problems. Although antibiotics can decrease the frequency and duration of these attacks, the bacterium establishes a permanent residence and can never be completely eliminated from the lungs. The treatments for P. aeruginosa lung disease typically involve antibiotics, bronchodilators, anti-inflammatory drugs, and chest physiotherapy to help fight infection and clear the lung passages.

As you can see its not very good reading, and deeply upsetting for us at this time. Although we do know quite a lot about it as Abbie grew this last year, she was put on a 3 week course of extremely strong antibiotics and had to use a nebulizer for 3 months to get it to a so called safe level. So at least this time we do have more knowledge and know hoe to deal with the problem, the main cause for concern really is that this is the 2nd time now and as you read above it never really goes away and it will come to a point where the nebulizer will be a constant thing. It will also decrease her life expectancy too.

Hope I havent been too much doom and gloom for you and hope to be back on soon with some cards.

Lyndsey xx
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