Monday, 22 June 2009

Exciting News!!!!!

Well its seems everyone has got some sort of excting news this week, especially my blogging buddy Joey who has just announced that she is expecting her 3rd baby. Many congrats to Joey and her family I am really thrilled for them.
I do have a little bit of news myself. Firstly I have been contacted by the magazine again and have been given another 2 commissions, which means from next month I will be in the mag for 4 months on the trot.
Secondly I have been put in the very fortunate position of being offered the chance to own the shop where I work. There is still a long way to go yet and a few things still need sorting, but hopefully by mid August I will be the new owner. I am so excited!!!!!, I have really big plans for the shop and have been researching all the new products I want to stock, working out how much finance I need etc,etc.
This is the reason for my lack of cards lately I have had so much to do sorting out this venture and also making all my samples for the demo on Sat. I have been so stressed out I have not had the time or inclination to do any crafting for myself.
I am also working myself up for nothing really, Abbie is due to go to BCH on Wed for her yearly MOT (as we call it) and I am dreading it. With the x-rays, and bloods and checks on everything I am sure that something is going to come up, as you know she has not been in the best of health lately and I always assume the worst.
Anyway hope to be back with some cards soon.
Lyndsey xx
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