Sunday, 28 April 2013


Hi all,

Just wanted to pop a quick post on as to why I am MIA!!!

As most of you know I had a major operation this time last year, and though I am now a year on I still seem to be suffering with a lot of health problems. I don't seem to have much energy at the moment and was beginning to feel very pressured with the amount of time I was having to spend on DT commitments and deadlines. The time it has been taking up (making the card, blogging it, DT commenting etc etc) has been causing a few problems in my household, and I feel that I was beginning to neglect my family.

So after a lot of thought and discussion with my hubby I have decided to take a big step back from DT work & blogging. I have stepped down from my DT's with all but a couple of Guest spots I have already committed to remaining. I am hoping that this will make me feel less stressed about things, and I still want to carry on crafting, but more if & when I feel like it rather than having to work to deadlines.

So I think its safe to say that my postings may be a bit sporadic in the next few months while I sort myself out. At the moment I am really struggling to even make a card and to top it off have broken the screen on my laptop so am having to pinch Oli's tablet or use my phone to get online lol!!!

I do have a few cards made and ready to show, but the piccys for those are on my laptop and tbh I cant be bothered to re take them and load them up, so will have to wait until my laptop returns.

I am still planning on hopping round your blogs peeking at your fabby creations, and maybe I might just get my enthusiasm back sooner rather than later x

Lyndsey xx
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