Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fancy Front Fold Card

Hi all,

Thought I'd pop on today and show you a class card that I taught a few weeks back in class.

I found the idea on my fave place again (pinterest lol!!!) and re did the measurements - as most I find tend to be in inches - and most of my ladies like to work in cm's.

The card is called a Fancy Front Fold Card and you make it out of 1 piece of 12 x 12 paper, a few scores and folds and you are done!!.

When closed the two side cross over each other, and the card is kept closed by tucking the flap into a little pocket made at the front, which is covered by the picture. When opened up you have space for a little message.

The paper bows were created using a template that I drew

The little stamps were a past freebie with a magazine and were just the perfect size for the card - the square panels are only about 5cm sq - so you need a pretty little image to fit them.

The best thing about this too - is that the paper is folded in half to create the card so you don't really need double sided and can get away with single sided if you wish.

Thanks for popping by my blog today, hoping to get a little blog hopping done myself later, am still out of sorts and catching up on thing (inc housework) from the kids having the last 2 weeks off.

Lyndsey xx
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