Thursday, 1 November 2012

Woah - Hold on a minute whats going on here then!!!

* 2/11/12 Edited to add, that just as my card magically appeared linked to the challenge in the first place - the link has now magically disapeared!!!!*

Hi All,

I have copied this from Pickle's (Kerry's) blog 

Hi all,
A word of warning ......

Please DO NOT enter this women's challenges or buy from the associated shops. She is a well known fraud who has been stealing digital artwork for a longtime and been caught on many occasions. Some of the images for sale in her shop are even from free colouring page sites. She has been using old DT projects to make it look like she has a current DT when people have left and asked her numerous times to delete their names/links after discovering that she is a fraud. She has now even started linking people projects to her challenge to make it look as if they have entered when they have no knowledge of it and obviously do not wish to be associated with her for obvious reasons.

Jenn has written some of the back story here ( that is only about 1 tenth of what has gone on)

She is an active member of facebook and befriends lots of crafters . If you are fb "friends" with her please think about unfriending her so as she doesn't have access to your crafty friends. And if you have time please spread the word

Now I don't like to pick sides but after reading this I popped on over to this blog using the link that Kerry gave to have a look to see what it was all about - and blow me if I didnt see one of my cards linked up in her challenge HERE.  

I can say without doubt I never entered this card (pumpkin Patch) into this challenge and you can see on my post which challenges I did enter- why on earth would someone enter my card into a challenge without my permission. I have tried to delete my entry but as I didnt put it there the cross is not there for me to delete it. 

I can only say that I am definately steering clear of this one, and would like to point out again that I did not enter my card into this challenge. 

Lyndsey xx

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