Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lets Celebrate!!

Hi all,

Hope you are all enjoying the peace of having the kids back at school. I had a fab afternoon to myself yesterday as Rich was at work too, so had lots of lovely peace and quiet.

Thought I'd pop on today and show you the card I made Rich for our anniversary. I used some fab products from Trimcraft including Fizzy Moon Occasions Decoupage and First Edition Love Song 6x6 paper pad.

Whilst watching Create & Craft the other day, I learnt a fab new trick with decoupage that I had not ever thought of before. Basically you emboss details on your top piece from the back to make them stand out. I did this with the eyes, noses, belly button & flowers and it really makes a difference.

Now I also have something funny to tell you, well it was funny at the time anyway. On Sunday my brother did a Reverse Bungee for Birmingham Childrens Hospital and we went to watch. Well once we got there we found out it was one of those cages that sat 2 people, so someone had to go on with him. Hubby got elected to go on with him and it was so funny watching them being thrown 300ft in the air screaming their heads off. We paid for a video of the Bungee and the camera was strapped to the cage, well some of the faces they were pulling were just so funny,  I nearly wet myself watching it lol!!

Anyway thats enough waffle, thanks for popping by my blog today.

Lyndsey xx
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