Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Operation news

Hi all

No card from me today just thought I would let you know how my op went. I went in hospital yesterday for a laparoscopy to have a look at cysts on my overies and to check the level of endometriosis that I have. The op although a success has shown that my cysts have grown in the 4 weeks since my scan and that the level of endometriosis I have is really bad and has spread around my womb and abdomen. It has also shown that my womb is in the wrong place and is twisted up and to the front and is actually fused to my abdominal wall. (which is why I look about 6 months pregnant lol!!!) There is nothing to do except a full Hysterectomy, which I will have an appointment for my pre op within the next 2 weeks, so the operation is going to be quite soon. The consultant has said that he doesn't know how I have been managing to live like it and has said its a wonder I actually have children. It has been a bit of a shock to us as my doctor has been saying that I had nothing to worry about. I am going to be off my feet for about 6- 8 weeks with a total recovery of 3-4 months, and I probably wont be doing much this week as yesterdays op has knocked me about and they said I could be off my feet for the rest of this week.  I have pre scheduled my cards for MMCS on Wed and Totally Gorjuss on sat and hope you will pop by and check them out.

On another note, I have had some good news today and I have found out that I have won the 9 Floral Delight images over on the Ladybug Crafts Ink blog hop. So at least have something to be pleased about.

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Lyndsey xx
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