Sunday, 1 February 2009

A small request

LOOK at this card !!!!!!!!!!
As you know I did my first demo yesterday and it went really well. Everyone was very complimentry and I think they liked my samples. The reason for this post is to show you this fabulous card. I was given this yesterday by a little friend, her name is Fern and she has been coming into the shop for a while now and I try to give her little things every so often. She sent me this card yesterday to say thank you, now I dont know about you but I think this card is gorgeous and when I tell you that she is only 11!!!!!! well she is just so talented.
She has now set up her own blog, she only did this yesterday after I told her to, so there is only one card on her blog at the moment. Her blog address is
Please, please visit her blog and become a follower as I am sure she is going to be putting some amazing creations on there.
Thanks Lyndsey xx
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