Thursday, 18 February 2010

Bad news at hospital

We took Abbie for a check up at Birmingham Childrens yesterday, and the news we received was not good. We had been expecting something as she has been quite unwell since before chirstmas. She had lost weight instead of putting it on and not grown as much as they would have expected. They also told us that there was something of concern on her x-rays and in her blood results. They have changed a lot of her medication to stronger stuff and have also put her on steriods to help improve her lungs (these we believe will now be for quite a while) as they told us they seemed moist?. We have then also been told this morning that the Psuedomonas has returned for a 3rd time and unfortunately it is 3rd unlucky in this case. She has been put on strong antibiotics and she is now back on the nebulizer which we have now been told is for life. its been quite hard for us to take in all this news today as it means that she is worse than what we originally thought and have spent all day consulting family members and tears have been spilt. My head is in a complete mess, so please forgive me is my posting or commenting dwindles in the next days/weeks.

Lyndsey xx
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