Friday, 12 December 2008

Good news, bad news!!

Good evening everyone, not been on for a couple of days but it seems like forever. I'm not showing cards in this post, but am making some as we speak so they will be on later or tomorrow. I have some good news and bad news for you. I will start with bad, as you all know we had some probs with Abbie a while ago, but she came through and came off her nebulizer. The bad news is that she has now come down with a stinker of a cough and cold and is back on anitbiotics. We got her on them straight away so hopefully she will be ok for christmas. I know there is a lot of this going about but we have to be so careful with Abbie as even the slightest cold can turn into something nasty for her. Anyway now for the good news!!!!. If you remember a while back I filled in an application form for a charity called Dream Holidays - they arrange holidays for familes who have a child or children with CF, so that they can spend some time together away from the daily routine, and to have some time with the non CF child as well who can sometimes feel a bit left out due to the amount of time and attention a child with CF takes. Well we had a letter come through the post to say that our application has been successful and they have offered us a holiday. We have to choose a holiday from a british holiday firm such as Butlins,Pontins, Haven etc up the the value of £650!!!! we can choose where we like and what week we like as well. Then they even throw in another £300 spending money to cover the cost of our food for the week. Well I couldnt believe it I had to keep re-reading the letter, we never get anything for free so this was such a shock, but a good one at that so although we are a bit down about Abbie we are also on high about the holiday. Well I best get going now these cards are not going to make themselves. I cant wait till I finshed these last few xmas ones, I have had some lovely images sent to me from some kind blogging friends which i cant wait to use.

Lyndsey xx
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