Wednesday, 17 December 2008

An Award

I received this lovely award from my blogging friend Lynsey, thanks so much Lynsey!
This award's rules are:- You have to give it to 5 others and link to those people as well as who gave it to you, Those 5 shall also pass it on to another 5 people, Plus you have to write down 5 things you are addicted too!

1. Cardmaking
2. Blog Hopping (get withdrawal symptoms if I cant get on the laptop for a few days)
3. Chocolate
4. Shoes & Handbags
5. Tidyness (i cant stand things messed up)

I am gonna be a chicken and pass on giving this to 5 people, as I visit so many fab blogs I would have a really hard time to narrow it down to just 5. So if you visit my blog and see this award and you dont have it, take it from me with much love.

Lyndsey xx
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