Saturday, 9 May 2009

Abbie Update 2

Hi all,
Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to all who have left such lovely comments and best wishes for Abbie.
We have had a good day today and she has been unloading herself very well. She seems much brighter and is even back to bossing us all about. The medicine she has to take is not going down to well, they are sachets of powder that have to be dissolved in water and they taste horrible. We are using bribery with anything from chocolate to stickers anything we can think of, daddy got her a pair of new pink shoes today which really helped with the lunchtime meds and she chose a HSM handbag from the shop today for being such a brave girl. We are back at hospital on tue and I really think it will be good news.

Secondly I have been looking at a few of the challenges today as I have a few cards I need to get cracking on and I came across the challenge on Cute Card Thursday. I dont know how many of you do their challenges but this weeks really tugged at my heartstings. They have had a request from a site called Postpals who send cards, letters and gifts to sick children and this is what CCT are asking you to do this week. I popped over to the site to have a look and you have to pick a child to send your card too, I found a few children who have CF and have decided to send each one a card from Abbie. I didnt even know this charity existed but I really think it is such a good idea, especially with what we go through with Abbie sometimes when things are bad and you are really down it would give such a lift to recived a card or a letter from someone just to let you know they are thinking of you. (I recieved a card in the post today from a blogging bubby and although totally unconnected with everything thats going on with Abbie at the moment it really made my day and put a smile on my face).I have asked for Abbie to be considered as a pal and hope that one day soon she may get some cards through the box for her, she really loves opening them and I know they would make her day. If you havent seen the challenge on CCT yet, please pop over and get involved, I bet most of us have cards that are just sitting there in box send one to a sick child and give them something to smile about when they are having a bad day. I have put the link at the top of my blog under my header,I for one now know where all my extra cards will be heading.

Lyndsey xx
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