Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Double Pocket Envelope Card

Hi all,

OMG what has happened to the gorgeous weather we had over the the weekend, I am sitting here with my heating on!!!.

As you know we were allowed out of hosptial on Sat to come home and finish the meds off, well we were back up their at 11.30pm on Monday night after Abbie's line failed and was causing her a lot of pain, so we had to go and get a new one put in. Unfortunately all did not go well and 5 hours and 3 tries later we finally came home with a cannula in the back of her hand as her little veins just wouldn't take a new line. Hopefully this will last until we finish the drugs but we are not holding out much hope as cannulas dont' last as long as the lines and my poor little mite just doesn't have very good veins at all, so we could well be in for another visit before the end of the week.

Anyway I have one of my class creations to show you today (another idea found on Pinterest) a Double Pocket Card Holder. The pockets themselves are very easy to make with a few scores and folds using  12 x 12 paper and then obviously decorate them up as you require.

The papers I used are Trimcraft First Edition Floral Pavillion & New Bloom pads and a couple of cute little Fizzy Moon Bears (just the perfect size for these). A bit of ribbon and some pretty WOC flowers to finish.

Thanks for popping by my blog today

Lyndsey xx
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