Monday, 5 March 2012

Operation News

Hi all,

Just a quick post to let you know the state of play with my Hysterectomy Operation, I have been back to see the consultant today and have been given my date for the operation. To be honest I am really fed up about it as its not till 30th May, the way he was talking last week after my Laparoscopy was that it would be very soon, but apparently that is soon for him as he is a very popular surgeon lol!!!!!!. So will be here with you all for a while yet, am a bit cheesed off that I have worked my socks off over the weekend trying to get all my March & April DT stuff done and scheduled but at least its out of the way. So maybe I might have time to try a few things out that I have been wanting to for a while (off my inspiration page) and concentrate on running my classes, and at least I can still go to my NKOTB (24/4) & Westlife (20/5) concerts and most importantly the craft show at the NEC whoop whoop!!!!!. Thanks for all you well wishes in your comments they are much appreciated.
Lyndsey xx
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