Friday, 24 January 2014

Whats For Dinner? ......................................

Is the question most frequently asked in our house, mostly the answer is I don't know what do you want. Followed by everyone asking for a different item and me feeling really fed up!!!

So trying to get myself organised and hoping to save money on the food bill (also cause I'm slimming and need to be more careful with that I eat) I have been planning my meals each week and popping a little handwritten list on the cupboard door for all to see. Tbh its been working quite well and this week I even managed to save £15 on my bill by taking everything out the basket that I knew I wasn't going to cook during the week (I do my shopping online- so my basket is virtual lol).

However being a bit pretentious & needing to get a life (as my hubby said - cheeky!!!) the crappy little list stuck to my cupboard door with bluetack just wasn't doing it for me. So I scoured Pinterest (I Heart pinterest lol) and found a few planning boards that I liked and sort of took the bits I liked from each one and made something that worked for me and this is what I came up with.

So the board itself is a piece of Mount Board approx 12" x 16" which I covered in pretty paper. I have hot glued bulldog clips down the LH side for each day of the week which I can slot my meal idea in, a pocket on the top RH to hold any extra meal ideas and I hot glued a clip to hold a shopping pad on the bottom RH side so I can write down items throughout the week that I need to order.

The pocket is an A6 envelope that I have stuck closed then covered in paper. I then cut off the top section using and oval nestie, before hot gluing it done onto the board.

I have created 31 different meal idea tags with a selection of pasta, rice & potato dishes which I will mix and match each week (I don't like to eat pasta 2 nights running etc). Hopefully we should only eat each meal once per month now. I have also done a couple of extra tags for Eating Out & Free and Easy (for eg if we are going to a party or something and will only want soup or beans on toast for tea etc) and left a couple of blank tags in case I try out new recipes which I can then add into the mix. For durability I have hot laminated all the tags.

To make the board look co-ordinated I used a selection of items from the Grace Taylor Eclectic Emerald Collection and used the papers, 3D Stickers and Die Cut Shapes.

I really like how this turned out and it now has pride of place on the kitchen door - the kids love it too and keep checking every day to see whats for tea lol.

Thanks for popping by my blog today, have a great weekend

Lyndsey xx

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