Sunday, 9 August 2009

Hol Photos

Hi all,
I am back off my hols and thought I would pop a couple of piccys up for you to have a look at. We stayed at the Pontins stite in prestatyn and had a fantastic time, the weather was great(we all have lovely sun tans), good company, good food and good times. Had a couple of little wins on the bingo, saw a fabulous Take That tribute group and really enjoyed ourselves. Oli and Abbie just had a brilliant time, we went out on a few little day trips to Llandudno (and yes I visited the big craft shop there) went up the Great Orme on the Tram & Rich took Oli out to sea on a speedboat ride. Visited the ruins of Conwy Castle which was just magnificent and went into Rhyl a few times, we did so much I would bore you with all the details if I carried on. Abbie really came out of her shell and was up dancing to all the party records with Captain Croc and the gang and attached herself to a few of the Bluecoats, who all fell in love with her and kept telling us how great they thought she was. No-one wanted to come home really, but as we told them if Daddy doesnt go back to work and Mummy dosent get the shop sorted they wont have a holiday next year. Anyway I will leave you with a few picks, and them im off to have a good old blog hop over the next couple of days (in bewteen the washing and ironing!!!!).

And just to temp you all!!!!!, it was Rich's birthday while we where away so we went out for a meal. This was my pudding yummy chocolate fudge cake & ice cream delish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lyndsey xx
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